torq masters

Torq-Masters Industries is a distinguished manufacturer in precision automatic locking differentials for the aftermarket automotive industry, 100% made in the USA in an ISO 9001 certified facility in Rochester NY

Torq-Masters was founded by Bill and Cathie Cole. Bill is a former off-road racer, and an off road enthusiast. Bill built the Aussie Locker brand through the most reliable design, excellent customer service, same day shipping and dedication to his customers.

In 2014 Cora Jokinen acquired Torq-Masters when Bill retired after many years of success. Cora is a long time Offroad enthusiast and former Aussie Locker sponsored Rock Crawler. Cora and her team continues to provide World Class products, new product innovation and the best support to its customers and dealers.

We have a very experienced group of advisers and engineers who direct new product development. Included are individuals who have multiple patents in locker and differential technology. Our advisory group has over 60 years of direct locker experience that translates into more innovative products, high quality and a commitment to supporting our customers. We are a small business and look forward to serving you, our customers and fellow off road enthusiasts with a personable approach. We have been in your shoes, and only want to provide the best customer experience, you deserve it!

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